Props Add Style to Photo Sessions
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Thursday, August 01, 2013
By Laurie Puscas, Photographer
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Props can really add style to a photo session.

With High School Seniors, they can help show your personality and the types of activities you are involved in. 

Bring your sporting equipment (bats, balls, sticks, etc) musical instruments, posters, awards, playbills, favorite books, class ring, skateboards and uniforms.

If you are planning to bring sporting equipment, be sure to pack all of your uniform from head to toe (shoes, socks, helmets, cleats, etc.). This allows for more options including action shots and compositing of the finished images.

Got Pets? Pets are welcome at the Independent Expressions Studio. However, give us a call ahead as we often have our own little one here. Also, arrange for someone to take large pets home once they have been photographed so we can keep the focus on you.

Come exude your distinctive personality and style.

Visit our website for more examples.


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