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Compositing Business Group Images
Friday, July 28, 2017
Compositing Business Group Images

Professionally taken, quality images of your business talent is a must for website and promotional materials.Compositing business group images has many advantages. If I had to pick a top two, cost effectiveness and scheduling rise to the top.Most businesses are very busy, with executives and employees on vary demanding tight schedules. Can you even imagine the difficulty in arranging for a half dozen or more individuals to set a time aside for a group photo shoot? Even if you were able to manage it, surely someone would have a last minute conflict.As with any business, people are added to a group and people leave a group for other positions within a company or move to other opportunities. ...

Golf Outing
Saturday, August 20, 2016
Compositing Business Group Images

Golf outings are a fun way to raise money for worthy causes. Capturing candid images along with the shots of foursomes is a great way to share the story.We not only photograph the event, but have printed images ready for the participants to take home or back to their office. A video slideshow commemorates the event for future years.Enjoy this video of the Rochester Rotary 2016 Golf Outing at Pine Trace Golf Club.l 

Holiday Greeting Cards Become Mementos
Monday, October 28, 2013
Compositing Business Group Images

If you are like me, you save greeting cards from over the years. I especially like it when the cards have a picture of the family or kids. Going through stacks of cards from over the years is like a treasure trove of moments in time. I know it takes a little work to arrange to have a family or kid's portrait taken. We have to see when the schedules align and plan on what to wear, but in the end it is so worth it. Of course, the kids most likely will not appreciate those images until they grow older, but we know just how precious they are and how much more so they will become as the years quickly go by.Independent Expressions Photography Studio is offering affordable Holiday Portrait ...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Compositing Business Group Images

 Fall is such a great time of year. I enjoy the crisp mornings, the beautiful color in the changing of the leaves, trips to the cider mill and of course Halloween.I have great memories of basically learning to sew while making my boys Ninja Turtle costumes. I can't even count how many trips I must of made to JoAnn Fabrics and asking so many questions. Of course that was before the internet and Youtube videos were so prevalent. I now cherish the images I have of my boys wearing their costumes. Maybe that is why I enjoy taking Halloween portraits today - I love seeing the kids beaming and excited in their outfits.Don't rely on Halloween day when kids are frantically trying to get ...

Props Add Style to Photo Sessions
Thursday, August 01, 2013
Compositing Business Group Images

Props can really add style to a photo session. With High School Seniors, they can help show your personality and the types of activities you are involved in. Bring your sporting equipment (bats, balls, sticks, etc) musical instruments, posters, awards, playbills, favorite books, class ring, skateboards and uniforms.If you are planning to bring sporting equipment, be sure to pack all of your uniform from head to toe (shoes, socks, helmets, cleats, etc.). This allows for more options including action shots and compositing of the finished images.Got Pets? Pets are welcome at the Independent Expressions Studio. However, give us a call ahead as we often have our own little one here. Also, ...